A new dawn is waiting for you. There’s so much more to see.
Hold your breath and start anew, for your best is yet to be.

Welcome to ViHAAN, Senior Living Homes at Manas Lake City. It is a community where we celebrate growing wiser and if you may, older. Meet new people, do new things and live new experiences. It's a home where you leave your worries behind and pamper yourself with the comforts offered by our services and our trained staff. We invite you to a richer and wholesome way of life.
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Senior Living at SKYi Manas Lake City
SKYi Vihaan

Senior Living at
SKYi Manas Lake City

Experience the joys of being a part of a larger vibrant community and get introduced to people from all walks of life and age groups. Strike up interesting conversations with children and adults alike. Make new friends and live new experiences in one of our many shared community spaces.

Safe PlanTM Homes

The SafePlanTM is our commitment to a safe and secure lifestyle at ViHAAN. It is visible in the design of the layout and the various safety features inside and outside your home.

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